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Meet Diana Danko

An interactive vampire tale

Teaser Sneak Peek:

A Vampire Story
like no other


When you live forever
choosing the right company is paramount.

You guide
our hero

Experience the story through the eyes of the protagonist.
Share your thoughts.
See the consequences immediately.

Every voice counts

With the help of a custom algorithm,
we won’t miss a single one of your thoughts and ideas.

How will you react?

There will be no obvious choices in the story.
We will present you with complex characters
and a series of events everyone will assess in different ways.

How it works

With every show, we create a unique experience that is tailored to the audience – to you.

Deep, rich characters

Meet three extraordinary women.


First Person Perspective

You see through the eyes of an unsuspecting visitor.


Your thoughts

You tell us what you think.

Visualized in Real-Time

We see at once what the crowd is thinking.

Skilled Improvisation

The characters react to your input instantly.

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